Life is a Journey

 When I first started making soap it was to fulfill a need. My son's eczema was out of control and I couldn't take his discomfort anymore. As his eczema started to disappear and he had outgrown it I didn't really know that my "soap" had a purpose. It was just a fun hobby after his eczema was gone and I chose to make soap for my own personal reasons. I've always loved pretty soaps and in my house you can find decorative soaps in just about every room. When I had enough of a soap stockpile I just decided to give it away to family, friends and coworkers. I looked to no one else for advice on which kind to make, what color it was going to be or what size it'd be. I just made soap! Now that I have a soap have things changed. I realize that there is a deeper meaning to me making soap than just catering to a customers needs and wants. I read comments from customers about how my soap has helped their young child with eczema or acne and it takes me back to the days when my son was just an infant. Then it all hit me! My soap has a divine purpose. God has blessed me with the talent of making soap to make a difference in this world. Their is a mom out there at this moment that just wants her baby to sleep in peace at night without scratching himself or a teenager that doesn't want to be made fun of because he has acne that he or she can't control. 30 years ago I didn't know that my path had already been set before me and that everything that I was going through wasn't just to help me but to help others. So don't take any thought, talent or idea for granted. It might seem minute in your life right now but it might change someone's life the future.


Jessie Simms

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