Crossing the Ocean is Easier Than You Think


In life I have realized that you can't be shackled to what's comfortable. It may be comforting that you go to the same restaurant every Friday night and order the same Chicken Fried Steak meal. The 20 or so times that you have ordered it in the past have never disappointed you but what are you missing? Are you missing the best tasting Shrimp Scampi the world has ever known? Maybe you're not missing anything at all. That's the beauty of it. Stepping out on a limb and reaching for a different goal can end in overwhelming success or catastrophic failure. This has been the case many times in my soap making. I have made a batch of one of my soaps and it turned out good. Actually it turned out great. Great was the reaction that I wanted and the reaction I received. Internally I said to myself, "Don't change a works!" But then in the true art of this craft I decided to figure out a way to make it even better than "great." Let me tell you the first few batches turned out horrible! I mean they looked terrible in my eyes and didn't have the same pizazz as what I hoped for. My gut told me to just keep it simple and go back to the original version. But I kept plugging away. After several redo's I finally nailed it. The soap was even better than the first version. I got more compliments, accolades and testimonies from customers. Now if I would have stayed on the shore only letting the crashing waves flirt with my ankles what would have happened? I can't begin to tell you because I will never know. What I can tell you is the journey into uncharted waters was worth the price of admission. Yes the journey was hectic and manic at times. Of course there are some soaps that no one will ever see besides my husband. But that journey to improve what was already good taught me so much. It taught me that even though the shore is part of the ocean that the ocean is far more majestic than the shore. I had to lose sight of what I was comfortable with. I had to venture into deep waters and not worry that my feet couldn't touch the bottom. Yes I have had failures as well. But when you cross the ocean for the first time and survive you don't harp on what didn't work because what DID work is so much sweeter. The courage is within you. I love you all and have a blessed day

Jessie Simms

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