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Who's Going to Fight Your Battles

I know we live in a time were so many topics are passé including GOD. But when you need the muscles to make it through a situation.....God gives you the strength...regardless if you give him the credit for it. When you need answers to questions that plague you...God gives you the wisdom to make the right may not take heed to that wisdom or you may decide that you have a better idea but he gives you the wisdom and discernment you need. When the weight of the world squeezes you until you feel like you can't breathe God offers peace to you. He declared it when he said that the reason why you see only one set of...

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A Little About Me

I've been making soaps for almost 3 decades. Unlike some soap makers it wasn't out of a need for a hobby but because my infant child had severe eczema. After being prescribed costly creams and lotions I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did hours of research and found that the commercial soaps we had been using for years was most likely the culprit. After using the soaps on my son and seeing a remarkable improvement in his overall skin health I decided to use it as well and was completely floored. My skin was much cleaner, the essential oils I liberally used left my skin soft and smooth and I noticed that the need for using gobs of lotions to keep my...

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