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Who's Going to Fight Your Battles

I know we live in a time were so many topics are passé including GOD. But when you need the muscles to make it through a situation.....God gives you the strength...regardless if you give him the credit for it. When you need answers to questions that plague you...God gives you the wisdom to make the right may not take heed to that wisdom or you may decide that you have a better idea but he gives you the wisdom and discernment you need. When the weight of the world squeezes you until you feel like you can't breathe God offers peace to you. He declared it when he said that the reason why you see only one set of...

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Crossing the Ocean is Easier Than You Think

  In life I have realized that you can't be shackled to what's comfortable. It may be comforting that you go to the same restaurant every Friday night and order the same Chicken Fried Steak meal. The 20 or so times that you have ordered it in the past have never disappointed you but what are you missing? Are you missing the best tasting Shrimp Scampi the world has ever known? Maybe you're not missing anything at all. That's the beauty of it. Stepping out on a limb and reaching for a different goal can end in overwhelming success or catastrophic failure. This has been the case many times in my soap making. I have made a batch of one...

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