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If God is for me...Who can be against me?

I came across something today that made me get chills all up and down my body! Sometimes you are getting ready to get something good and the "world" seems to want to put a roadblock in your way. DON"T LET IT! You are a creature of God. He has given you all the power to perservere through anything that life throws at you! So know that when you wake up in the morning and put YOUR feet on the floor that the devil trembles in his little Osh Kosh boots! YOU are MORE a conqueror and he KNOWS IT! 

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A Little About Me

I've been making soaps for almost 3 decades. Unlike some soap makers it wasn't out of a need for a hobby but because my infant child had severe eczema. After being prescribed costly creams and lotions I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did hours of research and found that the commercial soaps we had been using for years was most likely the culprit. After using the soaps on my son and seeing a remarkable improvement in his overall skin health I decided to use it as well and was completely floored. My skin was much cleaner, the essential oils I liberally used left my skin soft and smooth and I noticed that the need for using gobs of lotions to keep my...

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